Welcome to Almanah Hope Foundation.

True healing in time is all about feeding your faith by starving
your fear and refusing to grieve no matter the pain”.
Hope Ifeyinwa Nwakwesi

Almanah Hope Foundation (AHF) is an independent, nonprofit foundation committed to improving the emotional, financial and social welfare of “a” widow.

The crises of widowhood are such that can be managed or alleviated by “a”
next widow through “Mentorship”. The widow’s greatest strength in survival in the “hood” is knowing that she is not alone, both the old and the young especially the young. Our foundation basically is an “Association” creating a platform for widow’s interaction. We create an environment for the elimination of the widow’s social challenges. A forum of
“Relaxation” in widowhood. Our programs of “Recreation”
focus on providing “resources” to deal with the intrinsic and the extrinsic value of the vulnerable widows.

Our aim at AHF is to create programs and projects that will be of
assistance to widows in order to promote their physical, emotional and
social well-being through;
1. Mentorship, Provision of financial advice & entrepreneurship
2. Creation of scholarship/award programs; a thinking hub for the creation
of ideas, and
3. Provision of health care assistance, among others.

At AHF our mission is to bridge the gap between the cold sweat of
stigmatization and the hot flashes of economic hardship
encounters in the average life of a widow; so that she can work to
tackle her everyday challenges in boldness.
To help “a” widow connect back to their new life through
ABOUT US care and empowerment
Our main focus at Almanah Hope Foundation is to
empower and motivate as many widows as
possible and ensue government to perform all the
needful in empowering widows especially
enacting, providing and implementing uniform
policies, grants, aids and loans and using the
locals in Nigeria.
The ripple effect of widowhood on violence
against women and girls especially in our
hinterland is enormous and the achievement of a
sustainable development goals and vision 2020,
which targets to catapult Nigeria into the league of
the first global 20 economies by the year 2020 and
the sustainable global goals remains an
an impossible task if we continue to neglect this
group of women who undoubtedly are in large
enough population considering our various ethnic
and cultural beliefs and attitudes.
Widowhood should no longer be used for political
propaganda and philanthropic grandiosity. Its
the issue is not just a Human Rights but an Economic
Rights agenda. After over 2 decades in the journey
and 30 years experience as an educationist, I
realized that giving a voice to the widow is
plucking off the feathers of abuse and to get more
voices that pull out of all abuse, means preventing
downward transmission of every cultural
experiences that violate women in widowhood.
It means giving and getting information, education
and exposition that will grow a better mindset. “A
Widow’s Window” a family radio talk, “The Widows
Summit”, The annual “Charity Walk” for
international widows day, the “inter secondary
school competition” for international day for the
elimination of violence against women and girls
and “A Widow’s Window Africa” series are all
geared toward reorienting our mind for a cultural
change and attitudes. Our target approach is
prevention and our target audiences are the youth
and rural dwellers.
We welcome mentors, partners, and sponsors.

Welcome to Almanah Hope Foundation.
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