Our passion at Almanah Hope foundation is to create a social circle for widows refill.
When the vision of movie outing came in, the African mentality became an
interference as it almost got stuck in imagination.
One night a partner who got involved through an article we published confessed his interest was born from experience. A widow’s son, like he said their mother raised 5
or 6 boys as their only sister died in the process. He had tried giving their mother the world but he is not too happy now that he can’t do more due to their mother’s poor state of health.
Yes, it can be weird to try to have time off as you are engulfed in catering for the kids. But hear John Wanamaker, and he said: “People who cannot find time for
recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.” It is so true, thus most widows struggle and smog their life, planning the world for themselves after, only for the after to be filled with illness born out of overburdened life. Let’s recreate
Yes, come let’s take a time out with friends doing not serious but simple fun. It is the
best drug that rejuvenates the body, soul and spirit giving it a healthier life to live in
age to come.

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