Month: July 2020

The widows protection bill

Having identified the absence of a legal framework that is targeted at widows, Almanah Foundation has prepared and submitted for consideration in the Federal House of Representatives, a bill for an Act to eliminate all forms of repressive cultural practices against widows, provide for the protection of their fundamental human rights and for other matters […]

‘Widows, if your in-laws rob you, seek redress legally, but don’t make it your profession’

Hope Ifeyinwa Nwakwesi is the founder of Almanah Hope, a non-governmental organisation focused on lending a helping hand and giving a new lease of life to Nigerian widows. Though she was widowed early in her marriage, the educational supervisor, author, radio presenter and social entrepreneur, was never deterred in her life’s course. Joining the rest […]

The Nigeria Widows Database

Finally a database for widows, one fundamental challenge the distribution of COVID-19 palliative measures revealed is the clear absence of a comprehensive database, including a database for widows in Nigeria. This singular lack of a verified database resulted in incalculable damage including falsification of personalities, diversion, duplication and waste of limited resources, double and hasty […]

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