“Review and learning meeting- Awoyaya”

An Assessment of the Impact and Progress of Women Empowerment Initiatives in Lagos State.

“A Reflective Gathering: Reviewing Progress and Learning from Empowered Widows and Women in Lagos State”

In partnership with Women’s Rights and Health Project, WRAHP and ActionAid Nigeria we held a review and learning meeting with previously empowered widows and women from Awoyaya and Igando communities in Lagos State. The event which took place at Awoyaya Community Base on July 4, 2023, featured talks and question and answer session. The participants used the occasion to look back on their progress and learn new things. It was especially helpful for the widows and women who had been trained previously as it showed how far they had come, areas where they need to improve and where they need help. They shared their experiences, challenges and successes, learning from one another in the fire process. The meeting created a safe and supportive environment for all the participants. The women openly discussed the challenges they faced since the empowerment program ended last year and they received helpful advice from our founder of AHF, Mrs Hope Nwakwesi, the project manager, Funmilayo Olusegun and Deborah Abisoye.

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