Our partners

Almanah Hope Foundation has empowered more than 90 widows through skill development and tailored training programs, significantly enhancing their earning potentialWe have conducted sensitization sessions on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) in all 18 secondary schools within Ibeju LekkiWe have provided training to more than 70 school counselors in the Ibeju LekkiOur outreach through Wfm 91.7 has educated over 12 million people across Nigeria on the challenges surrounding widowhood.

Almanha Hope Foundation partners with a diverse range of organizations dedicated to making a positive impact. We collaborate with organizations working towards social justice, gender equality, financial inclusion, healthcare improvement, poverty alleviation, and community engagement. Our partnerships enable us to amplify our efforts in creating a more equitable society and uplift communities in Nigeria. Together, we strive to create lasting change and make a difference.

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