“SGBV sensitization 2022”

“Empowering Counselors: Addressing Gender-Based Violence through Education”

On the 27th of August, 2022, we organized a comprehensive seminar for counselors in the upscale area of Ikoyi. The event commenced at 10:30 am with a solemn opening prayer, followed by a compelling introduction speech delivered by Mrs. Hope Nwakwesi. Adding depth to the seminar, Mrs. Dayo Adewunmi took the stage to present on the crucial topics of proactive counseling and gender-based violence.

Diving into the heart of the matter, the counselors were effectively segmented into ten groups, each delving into a spatial discussion centered around the theme, “The Role of Education in Gender-Based Violence.” This strategic approach allowed for a thorough exploration of the subject matter, providing a rich platform for insights and perspectives.

Within this dynamic exchange, counselors not only engaged in theoretical discussions but also gained practical skills to enhance their efficacy in dealing with students. Mrs. Dayo Adewunmi’s presentations equipped the counselors with valuable tools and strategies, fostering a deeper understanding of their role in addressing gender-based violence.

Overall, the seminar was a resounding success, empowering counselors with the knowledge and resources necessary to make a positive impact in their work. We look forward to organizing more events of this nature in the future to further promote awareness and prevention of gender-based violence.

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