“SGBV Sensitization 2023”

“Transforming Schools through SGBV Sensitization: Inspiring Change, Empowering Students”

In the pursuit of eradicating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) from our communities, a comprehensive sensitization program was initiated in three schools in 2021. The primary objective of this initiative was to empower students and educators with the knowledge, skills, and awareness required to prevent and address instances of SGBV within their school environments.

After the initial sensitization, it was deemed crucial to conduct a thorough review and learning meeting in these schools. This meeting was designed and carried out by our CEO, Madam Hope, and our Project Manager, Funmilayo, to assess the effectiveness of the earlier conducted SGBV sensitization program and to gauge its impact on the school communities on September 18th. The participating schools were:

  • Iwerekun Community Junior High School
  • Iwerekun Community Senior High School
  • Senior High School Magbon Segun

New Anti-SGBV Songs: During our visit to the schools, one of the highlights was witnessing the students’ enthusiasm as they sang newly composed anti-SGBV (Sexual and Gender-Based Violence) songs. This demonstrated their engagement with the sensitization efforts and their commitment to spreading awareness about this critical issue.

Artwork on the Wall: Building on the success of a previous project where artwork was drawn on the school walls, it was inspiring to see that this initiative had not only beautified the school environment but also encouraged students to take a proactive interest in painting additional artworks on the walls. This showcased their creativity and sense of ownership of their school surroundings, further reinforcing the positive impact of our previous efforts.

Peer Club Naming: As part of the sensitization project, a memorable moment occurred when a name was chosen for the peer clubs that were to be established after due process. The clubs were aptly named the “Anti-SGBV Ambassadors Club,” symbolizing the students’ dedication to becoming advocates and change-makers in combating Sexual and Gender-Based Violence within their schools and communities.

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