“Skill Acquisition training 2022”

Skill Acquisition Training 2022 for Personal and Professional Growth

To advance AHF’s initiative in empowering 50 selected widows and women in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, with a focus on three communities, our primary objectives revolve around promoting human rights, combating sexual abuse and exploitation. We aim to achieve this by enhancing their economic abilities through skill acquisition. Our targeted group consists of widows, women, and girls who recently underwent three distinct training sessions.

The first session, which centered on poultry farming, took place on 13/03/22 in Igando-Oloja. It was conducted by our skilled trainer, Igyoonyam Dekera. A total of 32 participants, including widows, married women, and unmarried women, attended the session. The outcome of this training was impressive, with active engagement demonstrated by the participants through note-taking and inquiries. During the session, participants shared their previous challenges in poultry farming, and the trainer provided insightful knowledge, addressing their concerns and reigniting their enthusiasm for this entrepreneurial venture.

Moving on to the second training session, which focused on pastry production, it occurred on 19/03/22 in Awoyaya. Ms. Serena Idehen facilitated this comprehensive day-long training, covering various bakery techniques. A total of 22 participants showed keen interest in learning how to improvise baking methods and create products such as fish rolls, egg rolls, Chin chin, and yam balls. This session generated a great deal of enthusiasm, with several participants expressing interest in pursuing bakery production, and some even seeking financial support to start their own businesses.

The final training session, spanning two days from 26/03/22 to 27/03/22, centered on fish farming in Lakwe. It was conducted by Chima Unachukwu,who guided participants, including Mary Ogar and Blessing, through the different stages of fishery. Mary Ogar expressed gratitude for the training and highlighted her plans to utilize her old water tank on an empty plot of land near her compound. The trainer also addressed challenges such as expensive fish feeds, providing valuable insights into fish farming practices, including feed management and stress reduction measures to prevent fish mortality.

Overall, these training sessions have played a crucial role in empowering widows and women in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. By enhancing their economic abilities through skill acquisition and addressing pertinent issues such as human rights and sexual abuse, AHF is taking significant steps towards creating a more empowered and resilient community for these individuals.

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